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Our level scale gives you an idea of your technical riding ability and fitness level so that you can choose mountain bike packages that suit your needs and abilities.

The scale is divided into 5 levels from beginner to expert. 

The technical and physical levels indicated for a MTB or Ebike trip are given as the minimum required. You may have to ride more technically or physically challenging sections of the route.  

Please read this level scale carefully and if you are unsure please contact us to check if your level is suitable for the mountain bike holiday you wish to book.




  • You are an occasional biker 

  • You are able to control your speed and direction on wide paths, forest roads or smooth, unobstructed trails. 

  • You like pedalling and can spend several hours on the bike 

  • You want to discover mountain biking and become more comfortable with your riding position and braking technique.



  • You are a mountain biker who has been riding for 2 years or more. 

  • You ride once a week in good weather

  • You can control your braking, use gears correctly, and know how to take turns with a good riding position. 

  • You can ride serenely on wide tracks or singletracks without technical difficulties.

  • You can walk over technical sections

  • You wish to progress on more technical singletracks (roots, stones) and steeper descents.


Intermediate + 

  • You can ride on all types of terrain and in a variety of conditions: singletrack, wide tracks, dry or muddy terrain, soft or rocky terrain. 

  • You can instinctively adapt your riding position while riding, brake efficiently in all situations, and negotiate all types of turns.

  • You will be able to negotiate more technical sections such as steep passages, small steps or small scree.

  • You ride 2 to 3 times a week in the summer

  • The "+" means that you wish to progress on these more technical sections



  • You have been riding for at least 3 years, several times a week.

  • You can ride with precision and control in most situations.

  • You already have some experience of mountain trails and are comfortable with obstacles such as roots, steps, scree and switchback.

  • You can handle steep and sustained descents on singletrack, and can move the front or rear wheel to negotiate a tight switchback, do a small bunny up to get over an obstacle and are able to climb short steep sections.

  • You are a jack-of-all-trades and want to learn some tips to improve your technique



  • You are passionate about mountain biking, practice very regularly, are experienced and have been riding enduro or downhill for several years.

  • You can ride long and technical trails with jumps, overhangs, steps, roots and rolling scree in all weather conditions. 

  • You are here to send on the trails!




  • You practice mountain biking on an occasional basis or for another sport, to keep fit or for a walk. 

  • The elevation gain is small, less than 400m. 

  • On an ebike, you can expect to climb between 200 and 600 m per day with a high assistance mode.



  • You ride a mountain bike occasionally and practice a sport regularly. 

  • You are able to make a long but not intense physical effort of 4 to 5 hours and climb between 700 and 1000m per day. 

  • On an ebike, you can expect to climb between 500 and 1200 m per day with a high assistance mode.



  • You are passionate about mountain biking or a great sportsman, and practice 2 to 3 times a week with at least one big day outing. 

  • You have a taste for effort and for surpassing yourself. You are able to prepare and train physically for a goal. 

  • The positive difference in altitude varies between 900 and 1500m per day, with sections where you have to push or carry the bike on steeper slopes.

  • On an ebike, you can expect to climb between 1200 and 2500m per day, on rolling, portage-free climbs with a high assistance mode.



  • You are a great sportsman and can't count the hours you spend pedalling on your saddle. 

  • You have stamina and endurance and are able to pedal for several days in a row with great physical effort. 

  • Days with a difference in altitude of between 1400 and 2000m per day with portage and pushing are no problem for you. 

  • On an ebike, you can expect to ride between 1500 and 3000m of positive altitude difference per day, on rolling climbs and with rare pushes, with a high assistance mode.

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