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  • What type of mountain bike trails will I ride?
    Alpine Mountain Bike Adventures The Swiss, French and Italian Alps are our playground. For hundreds of years, a vast network of trails has been created to link the various alpine valleys and access the mountain peaks. On our mountain biking adventures, we will ride on a wide variety of trails and paths. Smooth, fast, flowy in places, they can become more technical in rocks, roots, dust or mud in others. The descents are never extreme and the tricky sections can be done alongside the bike without any problems. You can expect some short, exposed sections on some adventures, but rarely dangerous. We optimise our routes so that you can do almost all the climbs on your ebike. We generally use wide and pleasant forest tracks, sometimes road and suitable singletrack that will challenge you on the steepest parts. Enduro Trips On our Enduro trips, the climbs are mostly done by shuttle bus, public transport or ski lifts. We may have to pedal up to the start of more remote trails. Our Enduro destinations are some of the best places on earth for mountain biking. The singletrack can be natural and technical or perfectly shaped and maintained by passionate mountain bikers. Either way, they will satisfy your appetite for negative elevation changes and provide maximum fun and excitement.
  • How is safety managed?
    Our adventures take place in the mountains where evacuation possibilities are limited. Our guides have basic first aid training. If a serious injury is suspected, they will call in a search and rescue helicopter at the participant's expense. Personal accident insurance is mandatory for all participants. When participating in our trips, it is your responsibility to respect your limits, ride carefully, walk if necessary and be aware of the risks involved in mountain biking.
  • What type of accommodation will I sleep in?
    We look for comfortable and typical accommodation in the regions where we ride, or *** hotels. Most of the time, you will share a double room and single beds with one of your riding partners. On some trips, we may have to sleep in dormitories in mountain huts or chalets.
  • What meals are offered?
    Alpine Mountain Bike Adventures Breakfast and dinner are usually taken at the accommodation in a half-board formula. We believe that the culinary specialities and specificities of each region are also part of the experience and of a mountain biking holiday that will also leave beautiful gustatory memories. This is why we prefer establishments that offer quality cuisine typical of the local area. For lunch, you can enjoy an excellent, varied and copious picnic prepared by our support team, in a place with a nice view. On some stages, where it is not possible to reach the assistance shuttle, we will leave with a picnic in the backpack for the day. Enduro Trip Depending on the type of accommodation, we will be on half board (bike hotel) or self catering (private chalet). For lunch, we leave it up to each person to opt for a quick picnic in a bakery or to take the time to sit on the terrace of a small local restaurant.
  • What climate can we expect?
    Our Alpine mountain biking adventures take place in the Alps. These mountainous regions enjoy a generally sunny climate during the summer season between June and October. Temperatures can be high during the day in the valleys, and cooler at higher altitudes when crossing passes. As with any mountainous region, the weather can change quickly, giving way to rain, wind and cold. It is necessary to always carry rain and cold weather gear in your rucksack in case of need. Our enduro trips take place in a variety of locations with very different and changing climates. Information will be given in the description of the trip.
  • How is my luggage transported?
    During our alpine mountain biking adventures, your luggage and personal belongings are transported each day in our support shuttle to the evening accommodation. As space in our van and storage lockers is limited, please use a 50L Duffle Bag or a medium sized suitcase (65 x 41 x 26 cm) For our Enduro trips, we offer you round trip transport from our base camp in Aigle, we take care of your transport, your luggage and your mountain bike on our specially adapted trailer, to your destination. On site, all mountain bike shuttles are included.
  • What is the size of the groups?
    To give you the best experience, our groups are made up of 4 to 6 people. Our small groups allow for smooth and homogeneous guiding. If you are a group of more than 6 people or if you would like to book an Alpine Adventure or Enduro trip with your friends, please contact us to organise your dream trip. Contact us to organise your dream trip.
  • I am alone, can I participate in the trip?
    Join an existing group and share a real adventure with your new riding partners! Let the magic of the great mountain biking community work. Our alpine adventures and enduro trips are a real human experience and you will certainly make friends with your new friends who share the same passion as you. The overnight stays are in double rooms and you will usually share a room with one of the other participants. However, you have the possibility to book a single room when possible.
  • At what age can you take part in a mountain bike course or a mountain bike trip?
    Open to everyone from the age of 12. If your physical and technical level corresponds to that of the chosen offer, then we will be delighted to share this experience with you, whatever your age. For minors, parental permission is required. On alpine mountain bike adventures exclusively in Switzerland, the minimum age for using an electric mountain bike is 14 years.
  • Should I train and prepare physically for mountain biking?
    PFor ebike adventures, the different assistance modes and the use of two batteries per day will allow you to complete the stages without getting too tired. However, we recommend that you do a minimum of physical preparation to get the most out of the experience by increasing the number and duration of your mountain bike rides a month beforehand. As far as technique is concerned, it is important that your level corresponds to that required for the trip. However, our instructors will be able to give you valuable advice on how to improve your riding and confidence. If there are sections that are too difficult for you, the safest thing to do is to get off the bike and walk over the difficulties.
  • What to do in case of mechanical breakdown?
    Whether it's a Mac Gyver technique in the field or a mechanical problem at the service truck, we almost always have a solution for mechanical problems. If you have chosen the ebike renting option provided by Elevation Bike, we do the repairs ourselves but charge for the changed parts. If your personal ebike is no longer in running condition, we can rent you one to continue the adventure.
  • What happens in case of bad weather?
    Rain and wind are natural mountain hazards. If the safety of the participants is assured, we may ride in the rain and mud. The guide will assess the weather conditions, the terrain and the participants and may decide to shorten or modify the stage to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • How do I reach the start of the trip?
    For stays in Switzerland From abroad: Geneva International Airport then public transport (train and bus) to your destination. From neighbouring countries: by private car or train For stays in France From abroad: Geneva or Lyon International Airport, then public transport (train) to your destination. On request, we can organise a transfer from your arrival at the airport to your hotel for the night before your stay.
  • How do we get back to the starting point?
    If you choose an alpine mountain biking adventure in the form of a mountain tour, we return to the starting point by mountain bike. For the alpine crossings from one point to another, we take care of the return with our shuttle.
  • How to book a Mountain Bike or Alpine Adventure holiday?
    For our Alpine Mountain Bike Adventures and Enduro Trips offers, please fill in the contact form, specify your chosen options, and read and accept our terms and conditions and cancellation policy. We will then send you the details of your booking and a payment link or bank details to pay for the holiday and confirm your registration and participation. At the same time you will receive a short questionnaire to find out about your riding experience and to ensure that you are suitable to participate in the trip. Once the payment has been validated, we will send you a detailed guide to the trip which includes the different stages of preparation for your adventure.
  • What is included in the Alpine Mountain Bike Adventures?
    Our Alpine mountain biking adventures are all-inclusive offers. From the moment you meet our team, you are completely taken care of. All costs related to the trips are included in the price: accommodation, meals, shuttle transfers, snacks, lifts if used, guide service and mechanical assistance. Drinks consumed in the hotel or outside are at the client's expense as well as repairs to the bike in case of breakage.
  • Which E-bike or mountain bike do you need to participate in Alpine adventures or Enduro trips ?
    For our Alpine Mountain Bike Adventures and Enduro Trip, we recommend : - an All-mountain or Enduro mountain bike (depending on the trip) with modern geometry and a travel between 140 and 170 mm. - In excellent condition and serviced (brakes, transmission, clamps, reinforced tyres) - Have the specific spare parts for your bike (derailleur paste, brake pads)
  • Why do you need a second battery for e-bike adventures?
    The stages are sometimes long with significant elevation gain. The use of two batteries allows you to ride with more interesting assistance modes for the practice of e-mtb, without having to worry about the management of the battery. If you choose to come with your own Ebike, make sure you have two batteries with a capacity of at least 625Wh (!) as well as your charger. If you don't have a second battery, we offer a package with ebike and extra battery included.
  • Which mountain bike equipment should I use?
    Here is a list of the minimum equipment you need for a day on one of our Alpine Mountain Bike Adventures : - Jet helmet (loaned by Elevationbike on request) - Sunglasses - 20L backpack min. - MTB shoes for flat or automatic pedals if you have your own pedals - Gore-tex rain jacket - Lightweight short and long sleeve jerseys - MTB shorts - Shorts with chamois - Water bottle or 2L water bag - Long gloves - Lightweight kneepads (optional) - Lightweight, warm fleece or down jacket - Small personal pharmacy with your own medication or treatments For our Enduro trips, we recommend : - Full face helmet (light or jet) depending on the difficulty of the trails - Knee and elbow pads - A backpack with integrated back protector - If you ride without a backpack, a light back protector - Long gloves
  • How to rent a mountain bike or ebike for a ebike adventure or an enduro trip?
    EBIKE Are you travelling by plane and do not want to carry your EBIKE, or do you not have a EBIKE or a second battery? We will be happy to provide you with a top-of-the-range ebike and a second 750 Wh battery for hire at an attractive rate. Choose the simplest solution! Please specify this option on the Alpine Mountain Bike Adventure booking form. MOUNTAIN BIKES We have some very good enduro bikes for hire through our partner shops. If you would like to hire an enduro mountain bike for an alpine adventure or enduro trip. Please specify in the booking form.
  • How to get to Verbier?
    By plane: From Geneva Airport or Zurich, then transfer by train (use the SBB application) to the village of Le Châble, located at the foot of Verbier. The Le Châble cable car connects to Verbier in a few minutes. By car: Take the Highway from Geneva to Martigny, then drive to Le Châble or Verbier.
  • Where can I park in Verbier?
    We recommend that you park in the Châbles car parks (P4) which are free in summer. You can reach Verbier by gondola which operates from 7am to 10pm. However, there are paid car parks in Verbier for those who wish to park in the resort.
  • Where to stay in Verbier?
    There is a wide range of accommodation in Verbier and less demand in summer. You can choose to stay in a hotel, such as the W, the le... offering all-inclusive services and adapted to mountain bikers. The hotels in the valley are also a good choice, especially if you are riding Enduro, as there are a number of routes that connect to them. Examples include the Hotel de la Vallée in Lourtier and the Hotel W. Renting a chalet is also a good alternative if you want to be more independent.
  • Where to eat and drink in Verbier?
    Verbier offers a range of restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. Are you in a hurry and just want to take a quick break at lunchtime? Opt for a panini or a sandwich at the Médran Café at the foot of the lifts or the Offshore Cafe Verbier restaurant. On the mountain bike area, we suggest the restaurant Le Carrefour, a local classic with authentic cuisine. And for a drink and a party, the Mont-Fort Pub is a must.
  • What to do in Verbier?
    Verbier is a very dynamic resort offering a multitude of outdoor activities. If you want to gain altitude, take a tandem paragliding flight to discover the region from the air, strong sensations guaranteed. In case of bad weather, try indoor climbing.
  • What equipment is needed to ride a mountain bike in Verbier?
    For all "Gravity" bikepark activities such as downhill or enduro biking, we recommend that you ride with sufficient protection to limit the risk of injury in case of a fall. A full face helmet, knee, elbow and back protectors as well as long gloves are a minimum to ride safely. If you are mainly riding enduro trails or without any major risk of falling, a "jet" helmet will be more than adequate. Choose flat mountain bike shoes rather than running shoes or trainers. They are perfectly suited to the flat pedals with spikes fitted to most rental mountain bikes and will give you better grip and support. Finally, protect your eyes from the summer sun and from being hit by rocks or tree branches by using a mask or sunglasses.
  • Are there mountain bike shuttles in Verbier?
    Verbier and the Val de Bagnes are very well served by the lifts and public transport available. If you would like to do mountain bike shuttles, we offer mountain bike guided days in the Lower Valais, Central Valais and Upper Valais.
  • What is the level of the mountain bike trails in Verbier?
    Verbier has 9 downhill mountain bike trails over 19km and 18 official enduro routes over 178km and a huge network of trails suitable for cross-country and e-bike. Like skiing, the mountain bike trails have their own scale of difficulty. The green trails are the easiest and suitable for the general public. The green marked downhill and enduro trails are perfectly suited for beginners who are taking their first steps on the bike park or mountain trails. With few slopes and no difficult obstacles, they will allow you to start the activity calmly and quickly gain confidence. They correspond to the Beginner level (1) of our level scale. The downhill trails and enduro trails marked in blue are for people who have a basic knowledge of mountain biking and are able to control their braking and speed, and negotiate steep turns and some technical sections. They correspond to the Intermediate level (2) of our level scale. The downhill and enduro trails marked in red are suitable for riders with Bikepark and Enduro experience, who are comfortable on slopes and technical areas and can do small jumps and drops. They correspond to the Intermediate + (2+) to Advanced (3) level of our level scale. The black marked downhill and enduro trails are for experienced riders who can do all types of jumps and drops and very technical sections in scree or roots with a lot of slope. They correspond to the Expert level (4) of our level scale. Finally, the yellow marked downhill track is reserved for experts and competitors in downhill mountain biking.
  • When to ride a mountain bike in Verbier?
    The area offers the possibility to ride excellent enduro trails when there is no more snow. Between Verbier and Le Châble, take advantage of the gondolas to ride the sunny trails from March. The bikepark and the lifts generally open from the beginning of June until the end of October for the lower sector and all the lifts and runs at higher altitudes are open between the end of June and the end of September. This means that you can enjoy a long season of mountain biking until the autumn.
  • Which easy trail to start mountain biking in Verbier?
    Since 2022, a new green run has been created in Verbier. This track, called "flowtrail", is accessible to a large public because it is not very steep, wide and without jumps. However, we recommend that you have some basic mountain biking skills for braking and cornering, which can be acquired quickly with the advice of a mountain bike instructor.
  • Where to rent a mountain bike in Verbier?
    There are a number of shops in Verbier offering mountain bike and ebike hire and sales. We recommend the Backside Verbier shop, located near the Médran ski lifts.
  • Why should I take on a mountain bike instructor - guide in Verbier?
    If you are a beginner, a mountain bike instructor will give you the right technical basics to ride safely and serenely. Whether it's for an introduction to downhill biking in the bike park or a discovery tour of the region, opting for the guidance of a qualified and experienced instructor will help you progress more quickly. For the more advanced riders, our instructors will give you technical advice on riding and guide you on the mountain bike trails best suited to your desires and your level.
  • Where to ride outside Verbier?
    You have explored all the trails in Verbier and Val de Bagnes and you want to discover other mountain bike spots in Valais? We offer day trips to other destinations such as the Val d'Anniviers, the Aletsch region or even Cran Montana and Loeche-les-Bains.
  • With whom to do an Enduro / Downhill MTB course in Verbier?
    You are in Verbier for a stay or on holiday and wish to discover or improve your skills? We offer Enduro, Downhill and Ebike mountain biking courses over several days, by the half-day or by the day. Contact us and we will define together the different possibilities.
  • Which mountain bike to ride in Verbier?
    For DH and Bikepark enthusiasts, we can only advise you to opt for a downhill mountain bike which will provide you with more comfort and safety, especially if you take on the Swiss DH Cup track: the famous Tire's Fire. These heavier bikes with long travel do not allow you to pedal uphill and require you to take the lifts. An enduro bike with 150 to 170 mm of travel will offer you more versatility and will be particularly suitable for the various enduro routes which may include some climbs or revival zones. An ebike will offer you great versatility by allowing you to get to the start of descents without putting in too much physical effort. You can also explore new horizons on a long day ride, assisted by the electric motor. But be careful to check your battery level! Lovers of physical effort will be happy with a "cross-country" type of mountain bike for a nice outing on the heights of Verbier, but at the expense of comfort and riding pleasure on the downhill.
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