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Discover our history and our team

Elevation bike is the result of 20 years of passion for mountain biking by its founder Rémi CAPELLE. Discover here our history, our values and our team of professional mountain bike guides / instructors who share this love of cycling.

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Our story

Passionate about mountain biking since I was a child, Rémi grew up with the desire to make it a professional ally. In 2004, when he was 15 years old, he followed an international event for the first time: the World Mountain Bike Championships in Les Gets. After that it was too late... He had become totally addicted to the discipline. 

He then naturally took part in numerous competitions in regional DH, French Cup and Enduro Series circuits. 

As an energy engineer in Switzerland for a few years, the desire to escape with the mountain bike never left him and accompanied him through many trips to incredible destinations such as Whistler, Hafjell, Madeira. 

He suddenly had this urge to "get away" and so decided to take a break and experience the other side of the world at the end of 2019.

Road trip in a van to New Zealand to discover the most beautiful mountain bike trails on the planet. I met some passionate people who gave me the idea to become a mountain bike instructor and guide and to make a living out of my passion. On his return to France, he made a total reconversion by passing the training for the State Diploma of Mountain Bike Instructor DEJEPS VTT.

Ski instructor in Switzerland since 2019 near Gstaad, he chose to settle there and develop the mountain bike offer. 

Today, he wishes to share his experience and his passion for mountain biking. To ride the trails of the Swiss and French mountains, to help people progress in mountain biking for more pleasure and safety, to share moments of contemplation, sporting feats or just the pleasure of riding, this is all that motivates him.

Our team

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